Tube Adder Review (Updated for 2018)

Tube Adder Review

If you run a YouTube channel, then it’s safe to say you probably want more views and subscribers.

Tube Adder is a YouTube bot that will turbocharge your marketing efforts.

If you’ve ever heard of or used Instagress to manage your Instagram account, you will understand how these programs work. Tube Adder does for YouTube accounts what an Instagram bot does for Instagram accounts.




The Idea Behind Automating Tasks with a YouTube Bot

If you’re not already using YouTube videos for marketing purposes, you might be putting yourself at a disadvantage, because it’s reasonable to assume that your competitors may well be using YouTube as part of their overall social media marketing strategy.

And, when the goal is to grow your channel fast, automation is often the fastest, and most effective method to achieve your goals. Your competitors are probably already using some form of it.

You could spend hours (or have your VA or other employee) on YouTube liking videos, making video comments, subscribing and unsubscribing, or making channel comments manually, in the hopes of building engagement, or you can automate this stuff using TubeAdder and reap more rewards than with the manual method.


What Does Tube Adder Do?

What does Tube Adder do?

Just like Tube Assist and Tube Toolbox used to do, Tube Adder automates the aforementioned mundane, repetitive tasks of commenting on YouTube videos or channels, subscribing or unsubscribing to user’s channels, and liking videos.

It’s an important consideration, to note that using this kind of botting software is against the Terms of Service (TOS) across social media platforms including YouTube.

However, the Tube Adder bot is designed to make your account compliant with YouTube’s settings and spam filters, so there is little to be worried about when it comes to getting restricted or banned unless you unnecessarily abuse the software and go over the recommended settings.


YouTube Tasks Managed by Tube Adder

Tube Adder Review - Overview of Features

Automatic Video Commenting

This bot does your commenting for you!

It will leave a comment on other YouTube videos that are relevant to your target audience.

Other people will see these comments and then check out your videos/channel in return.

Note: be very careful with this. It’s so easy for it to look spammy – and that will drive engagement away. So be smart with your choice of comments.


Automatic Channel Commenting

Pretty similar to the above – you can comment on channels as well as videos.


Automatic Video Liker

Tube Adder also comes with an auto liker feature.

Again, when liking peoples videos, they are likely to check out your videos/channel in return.


Auto Channel Subscribe & Unsubscribe

…And this is probably the feature that is going to drive the most engagement!

The Tube Adder bot will subscribe to relevant channels for you. The channel owner will be notified – and likely to check yours out, and quite likely subscribe to your channel in return.

Then at a later date, Tube Adder will unsubscribe you from the channels that didn’t subscribe back (or all of them if you wish).

Tube Assist & Tube Toolbox have gone

On a side note, Tube Assist & Tube Toolbox, which were similar bots had to shut down just a few months ago for going over their API limits.

Tube Assist shutdown message
The Tube Assist shutdown message on their website


Tube Toolbox Shutdown
Andddd…. The Tube Toolbox shutdown message

The Tube Adder bot is a great replacement in place of bots that have shut down, without any API issues.


Tube Adder Features

  • Multiple Operating Systems – Tube Adder runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Safety Features – The software reduces its speed to make sure your account doesn’t go beyond YouTube’s limits.
  • Total Control/Multiple Profiles Management – You get customisable settings and filters to aid in boosting your YouTube video views, subscribers, and comments from your targeted audience that is relevant to your YouTube channel.
  • Free Upgrades – Software sometimes requires updates and upgrades to keep up with changing technologies that affect its effectiveness and function. Anytime YouTube makes changes that effect the bot, Tube Adder will adapt and release an update that keeps it stable and safe.
  • Automate Everything – Just like Tube Assist, TubeAdder can post video comments, it can subscribe and unsubscribe to channels, adds contacts and shares relevant videos to potential fans.
  • Auto Liker – Like other user’s videos to generate attention and engagement for your own channel.
  • Auto Commenter – Comment on videos automatically all over YouTube using the settings you specify.
  • Auto Subscriber – Subscribe and unsubscribe to get more engagement and give your own subscribers a boost.
  • Easy to Setup – TubeAdder campaign set up takes just a few minutes.
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees – TubeAdder offers users a one-time, lifetime fee for this software application. This is a huge plus in my opinion. No annoying renewal dates!
  • 3 Day Free Trial – Since most of you like to try things before you buy them, you get to try TubeAdder for 3 full days before you decide if it’s for you or not.
  • Get Noticed and Get More Subscribers and Fans – The ultimate purpose of TubeAdder is that you are able to massively scale up engagement by getting more likes, subscriptions, and video views.


Tube Adder Final Verdict

Tube Adder is undoubtedly the best YouTube bot available right now. It has successfully taken over from Tube Assist in that respect. It’s also available on Windows, Linux, AND Mac, which is a definite plus for Mac users like me!

Tube Adder harnesses the power of the YouTube API whilst keeping your account within acceptable limits to avoid system spam flags. TubeAdder pretty much pays for itself very quickly, just with the time it saves you.

If you want to enhance your video promotion and take your marketing strategy up a notch, and without endless, repetitive manual actions, then I recommend giving the Tube Adder a try. There’s a 3 day free trial, so even if, for some reason you decide YouTube bots aren’t for you, then you don’t have to pay anything.

Some social media marketers spend their time whinging and complaining about the use of a YouTube bot – unfortunately, digging heels in and complaining does little.

Neither will pretending botting on YouTube and other platforms doesn’t exist.

Bots & automated liker software apps are here because the social media platforms allow them to be – and if you don’t at least consider their use, then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage before you’ve even started executing your YouTube marketing strategy.

With anything like this, I believe it’s best to try it and to make up your own mind.

Both the TubeToolbox and Tube Assist bots were shut down due to reaching their API limits. If you’re here because you’re looking for an alternative solution, I recommend Tube Adder as the best YouTube bot available to us in 2018.

This is the best alternative that I have found.

14 thoughts on “Tube Adder Review (Updated for 2018)

      • That is a good point. I was thinking if there was a bot to tell if person commenting on your video isn’t subscribed then you could auto generate a notification to them to do so in the notification window of YouTube would be awesome. Thanks for the reply!

  1. Hello, I am thinking to get TubeAdder, but I am so concerned about Youtube terminating my account.
    This review was very helpful… But how would you be sure that Youtube is not gonna terminate an account using TubeAdder?
    I am afraid to even do the Free 3 Days Trial.
    I hope you can explain why TubeAdder is safe to use and doesn’t put your account in danger of being terminated by the Youtube inquisition 😀

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hey Sophie,

      Thanks for your message.

      No one can promise this – because there’s too many variables involved. Ultimately it is up to you what happens with your account.

      For example, if you run a low quality channel and use the bot to spam a high quantity of low quality comments then of course you’re going to end up getting banned. But if you have a high quality channel with useful videos and are sensible with your settings on Tube Adder then there isn’t any reason why you should have your account flagged at all.

      Maybe not the answer you’re looking for but it’s the truthful one 🙂

  2. I have taken the free trial version and I will see how it works, I made my first campaign for youtube comments for my website. If it works good I will buy it.

  3. Very interesting indeed! I know about Bots on other social media platforms, however, I did not know there are ones available for YouTube also… Automated services are taking over!

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